The House of Sky

Your Journey Begins

There you are! Intrigued? Yes, as am I.

So if you are like me, then you indulge in the gift of quality time. What say you?

I will discuss BDSM rates on a per-person basis
Rates will differ due to the effort and passion I put in this dynamic.

Couples: Both participants are required to pass standard screening. No surprises!

Please be a gentleman in your inquiry. Remember, bookings are at my discretion.



My etiquette guidelines are really pretty standard for most Denver female escorts. I make an effort to always be impeccably groomed, sophisticated, and charming. I require the same of all my clients.

Be Clean and Well-Groomed

I love when a suitor takes as much pride as i do in being fresh and clean. I request that you freshen up at the very start of our date. This is non-negotiable. Don’t worry, I have a shower at my incall and other amenities ready for your convenience. 

Upon Arrival

When you enter my space, leave your donation in an envelope in plain sight. Following that, I will show you to the restroom where you may freshen up and prepare for what’s to come. If we are meeting first in public, you’ll want to share in a discreet way. Get creative! Inside a book, a greeting card…make an impression by surprising me!